The Greedy Trader Weekly Analysis
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Stock Market Technical Indicators by Industry
IndustryGreed/Fear Indicator
Management Services89%
Personal Computers88%
Heavy Construction86%
General Contractors85%
Personal Products85%
Industrial Electrical Eqp85%
Electronics Stores85%
Diversified Electronics85%
Semiconductor Equip/Matrl84%
Home Improvement Stores83%
Specialty Eateries84%
Processed/Packaged Goods83%
Semiconductor-Broad Line83%
Specialty Retail Other82%
Wholesale Other82%
Industrial Equip/Componts82%
Internet Service Providrs82%
General Building Matrials81%
Communication Equipment81%
Data Storage Devices81%
Application Software80%
Trucks & Other Vehicles81%
Semiconductor-Intgrtd Circ80%
Prprty/Casualty Insurance80%
Staffing/Outsourcing Svcs80%
Waste Management79%
Credit Services79%
Diversified Machinery78%
Food Wholesale78%
CATV Systems78%
Auto Parts78%
Asset Management78%
REIT - Office78%
Business Services78%
Auto Parts Stores77%
Discount Variety Stores78%
Business Software & Svcs78%
Diversified Commun Svcs77%
Residential Construction77%
Regional-Southwest Banks77%
Technical/System Software77%
Oil & Gas Pipelines76%
Long Distance Carriers76%
Cleaning Products76%
Diversified Investments76%
Auto Parts Wholesale75%
REIT - Industrial75%
Gaming Activities74%
Technical Services75%
Insurance Brokers73%
Textile-Apparel Footwr/Ac73%
Networking & Commun Dvcs73%
Gas Utilities73%
Semiconductr-Memory Chips73%
Paper & Paper Products73%
Textile-Apparel Clothing72%
Life Insurance73%
Oil & Gas Refining/Mrktng72%
Packaging & Containers71%
Air Delivery/Freight Svcs71%
Scientific/Tech Instrmnts72%
Electric Utilities71%
Diversified Utilities70%
Small Tools & Accessories70%
Rental & Leasing Services70%
REIT - Residential70%
Farm/Construction Machnry69%
Auto Dealerships69%
Electronics Wholesale69%
Music & Video Stores69%
Personal Services68%
Food - Major Diversified68%
Oil & Gas Equipment/Svcs68%
Lumber Wood Production68%
Internet Software & Svcs67%
Auto Manufacturers/Major67%
Home Furnishings/Fixtures67%
Recreational Vehicles67%
Independent Oil & Gas66%
Major Integrated Oil/Gas66%
Business Equipment65%
Investmnt Brokerage-Natl65%
Internet Info. Providers65%
Information Technlgy Svcs65%
Major Airlines64%
Home Furnishing Stores64%
Investmnt Brokerage-Regnl63%
Savings & Loans62%
Oil & Gas Drilling/Explor62%
Broadcasting - TV62%
Aerospace/Defense-Maj Dvd61%
Medical Instruments/Supls60%
Entertainment - Divrsfied61%
Chemicals-Major Diversifd60%
Meat Products60%
REIT - Hotel/Motel60%
Money Center Banks60%
Property Management59%
Accident/Health Insurance60%
Medical Labs & Research59%
General Entertainment58%
Jewelry Stores58%
Advertising Agencies57%
Regional-Mid-Atlantc Bnks57%
Regional-Southeast Banks56%
Beverages-Soft Drinks56%
Diversified Computer Sys56%
Water Utilities56%
REIT - Retail56%
Regional-Pacific Banks55%
Drug Related Products55%
Multimedia/Graphics Sftwr55%
Agricultural Chemicals55%
Regional-Midwest Banks54%
Regional-Northeast Banks54%
Grocery Stores54%
Information/Delivery Svcs54%
Medical Appliances/Equip.53%
Department Stores51%
REIT - Diversified50%
Drugs - Generic48%
Textile Manufacturing48%
Medical Equip. Wholesale47%
Toys & Games46%
Drug Manufacturers/Major46%
Rubber & Plastics46%
Drug Manufacturers/Other44%
Apparel Stores44%
REIT/Healthcare Facilities44%
Steel & Iron43%
Specialty Chemicals43%
Regional Airlines42%
Telecom Services/Domestic41%
Industrial Equip Wholesle36%
Publishing - Newspapers35%
Specialized Health Svcs35%
Drugs Wholesale27%
Health Care Plans21%
Drug Stores18%
Housewares & Accessories16%
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Warning: presents weekly analysis. Technical indicators and trend parameters are calculated for the close of business day indicated on the top right corner of the screen.

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