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Stock Market Technical Indicators by Industry - Services
IndustryGreed/Fear Indicator
Electronics Stores87%
Grocery Stores82%
General Entertainment81%
Food Wholesale81%
Jewelry Stores80%
Gaming Activities80%
Music & Video Stores78%
Management Services78%
Entertainment - Divrsfied77%
Rental & Leasing Services75%
Staffing/Outsourcing Svcs74%
Advertising Agencies73%
CATV Systems72%
Medical Equip. Wholesale72%
Industrial Equip Wholesle72%
Business Services71%
Drug Stores71%
Electronics Wholesale71%
Home Furnishing Stores67%
Specialty Eateries66%
Apparel Stores65%
Wholesale Other64%
Home Improvement Stores62%
Major Airlines59%
Auto Parts Wholesale58%
Auto Parts Stores53%
Drugs Wholesale51%
Personal Services49%
Discount Variety Stores49%
Technical Services48%
Department Stores48%
Regional Airlines47%
Air Delivery/Freight Svcs47%
Specialty Retail Other42%
Auto Dealerships35%
Publishing - Newspapers12%
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Warning: presents weekly analysis. Technical indicators and trend parameters are calculated for the close of business day indicated on the top right corner of the screen.

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