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Weekly Pattern:Rising Wedge
Number of records: 44
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- 7/31/2020 -
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Symbol Weekly GFI Oscillators Trend Analysis Ranking Technical Candle Watch 
^GSPC 3271.121.73%73.6281.78 2 Add to Watch List
^IXIC 10745.273.69%67.1282.85 2 Add to Watch List
ABC 100.19-3.44%56.9277.44 10 65 2 Downtrend Broken Resist.Add to Watch List
AES 15.23-1.10%58.4978.04 5 45 2 Add to Watch List
AFL 35.57-3.26%43.6050.98 4 35 2 07/28/20	Bullish  Doji
Add to Watch List
AIZ 107.470.64%69.7457.81 4 33 1 07/31/20	Bullish  Long White Real Body
Add to Watch List
AJG 107.493.43%79.0883.48 4 107 1 Add to Watch List
AMGN 244.67-1.33%32.8868.74 10 50 1 Add to Watch List
AMT 261.391.97%57.3774.46 3 82 3 07/27/20	Bullish  Long White Real Body
Add to Watch List
AVY 113.34-5.87%37.7563.70 12 53 3 Add to Watch List

How to Trade Rising Wedge Chart Pattern

Rising Wedge Chart PatternA Rising Wedge (or Ascending Wedge) pattern is one of the most reliable, low-risk, and high-reward chart pattern. A Rising Wedge pattern is a triangle formation with noticeable slant to the upside. The line that connects the bottoms of the formation represents a support trend line. The resistance trend line connects the formation's tops. The Rising Wedge pattern is valid when the price touched both the support and resistance lines alternatively at least tree times. Unlike the Rising Channel formation, where support and resistance lines are parallel, in a Rising Wedge formation the support line is noticeably steeper than the resistance line. A Rising Wedge represents the loss of the upside momentum and has a bearish bias.
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