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Indices ETFs Technical Analysis

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Indices Exchange Traded Funds - ETF Market Timing

- 1/7/2022 -
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DIA 362.22-0.30%61.9469.13 4 Add to Watch List
EEM 48.900.10%53.1531.61 1 Add to Watch List
EFA 78.770.11%61.7542.54 3 Downtrend Broken Resist.01/05/22	Bearish  Long Red Real Body
Add to Watch List
EPP 47.58-0.38%49.1929.42 2 01/05/22	Bearish  Long Red Real Body
Add to Watch List
EWA 24.62-0.85%48.2931.53 3 01/07/22	Bearish  Downside Tasuki Gap
Add to Watch List
EWC 38.31-0.31%64.8147.57 2 01/04/22	Bearish  Long Red Real Body
Add to Watch List
EWG 33.111.01%67.0043.51 1 Downtrend Broken Resist.Add to Watch List
EWI 33.221.25%72.7651.33 2 Downtrend Broken Resist.Add to Watch List
Exchange Traded Funds - ETF Trading Systems and ETF Market Timing.
Stock market ETFs screener presents technical index fund market timing signals for exchange traded funds (ETFs). ETF timing includes Sector SPDR Funds XLP, XLK, XLU, XLF, XLY, XLV, XLE, XLI, XLB as well as DIA, SPY and QQQQ signal timing, trend analysis, technical indicators and analysis. For the best stock market timing result different technical indicators should be analyzed in different time frames together with trend analysis, sector/industry ranking, ETF timing alerts and ETF trading signals.
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Warning: presents weekly analysis. Technical indicators and trend parameters are calculated for the close of business day indicated on the top right corner of the screen.

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