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Technical Analysis Articles.

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis

    Stock market technical analysis is a statistical approach to analyzing stock market psychology. Technical indicators and chart analysis are the most popular technical analysis techniques. The chart analysis is more reliable when confirmed by technical indicators.

  • Stock Screeners

    Stock Screeners are essential tools for traders. Technical stock screeners allow searching for technical indicators, chart patterns, price trend line crossovers, candlesticks patterns and other trend related criteria.

  • Trading Channeling Stocks

    Channeling is one of the most reliable and accurate trading techniques that provides traders with precise entry and exit points as well as stop-losses and take-profit recommendations.

  • Trading down trend reversal signals

    Using the downtrend exhausting alerts is a simple way to find the “buy low” entry points.

  • Trading uptrend reversal signals

    An uptrend exhaustion alert is a warning signal which occurs when an uptrend is near the end and the probability of the trend reversal is high.

  • Stocks Screening with Lane's stochastic

    Lane's stochastic oscillator can warn of strength or weakness in the market ahead. As a momentum indicator, stochastic helps to find turning points within the scope of the most significant trend.

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