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How to Use

How to use Stock Screener

Stock Screener is an essential tool that allows traders to wade through thousands of stocks and return a dynamic list of stocks that match technical and fundamental criteria. Stock Screener presents most common fundamental and technical search criteria, as well as advanced unique technical criteria which, to our knowledge, are not available in any other stock screening tool.

Our stock screener includes the following sections:

Trading Signals Stock Screener

Trading Signals Stock Screener allows to find stocks that are above, bellow or crossover the 20 Day Moving Average, 50 Day Moving Average, Upper and Lower Bollinger Band and Parabolic SAR.
You can use the following predefined Trading Signals stock screener criteria:

Trend Analysis Stock Screener

Trend Analysis Stock Screener allows to search trend parameters for daily, monthly, weekly, quarterly and yearly trends simultaneously. It allows to search for trend direction, price vs. trendline position (above, below or crossover), and trend patterns. Trend patterns criteria include weekly, monthly quarterly and yearly Ascending Triangle, Broadening Ascending Wedges, Broadening Descending Wedges, Right-Angled, Ascending Wedge, Right-Angled, Descending Wedge, Broadening Symmetric Wedge, Descending Triangle, Falling Channel, Falling Pennant, Falling Wedge, Rectangle, Rising Channel, Rising Wedge.
You can use the following predefined Trend Analysis stock screener criteria:

Oscillators or Momentum Indicators Screener

Oscillators, or Momentum Indicators Screener allow to search the following overbought and oversold daily and weekly technical indicators: Relative Strength Index (RSI), Williams' Percentage Range (W%R), Lane's Stochastic (%D-Slow). You can select the daily and weekly Moving Average Convergence /Divergence indicator (MACD) range in your search criteria as well.
The following are the predefined Momentum Indicators stock screener criteria:

In addition to the technical indicator range criteria, the Momentum Indicators Screener allows search for daily and weekly bullish and bearish divergence. This functionality to the best of our knowledge is not available in any other stock screening tool.
The following are the predefined search criteria for bullish and bearish divergence:

Fundamental Stock Screener

The Fundamental Stock Screener allows to search the following fundamental criteria: Price, Dividend/Share, Earnings/Share, EPS Current Year Estimate, EPS Next Year Estimate, EPS Next Quarter Estimate, Market Capitalization, Price/Sales, Price/Book, P/E Ratio, PEG Ratio, Price/EPS Current Year Estimate, Price/EPS Next Year Estimate, 1 year Target Price Growth%, Stock Exchange. In addition you can use technical Sector Rank and technical Industry Rank in your search criteria as well.

Candlesticks Screener

Candlestick Screener allows to select search day range within the last 5 trading days, pattern reliability (high, medium or low), pattern type (bullish or bearish), pattern relevance (reversal or continuation), number of sticks in the pattern. You can search for a specific candlestick pattern including the following 26 patterns: Bearish Advance Block, Bearish Belt Hold, Bearish Dark Cloud, Bearish Deliberation, Bearish Downside Tasuki Gap, Bearish Falling Three Methods, Bearish Harami, Bearish Long Red Real Body, Bearish Meeting Lines, Bearish On Neck, Bearish Separating Lines, Bearish Three Black Crows, Bearish Three Inside Down, Bearish Thrusting, Bullish Abandoned Baby, Bullish Doji, Bullish Doji Star, Bullish Gravestone Doji, Bullish Harami, Bullish Homing Pigeon, Bullish Ladder Bottom, Bullish Long White Real Body, Bullish Matching Low, Bullish Meeting Lines, Bullish Piercing Line, Bullish Three Inside Up.
The following are the predefined Candlestick Screener criteria:

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Warning: presents weekly analysis. Technical indicators and trend parameters are calculated for the close of business day indicated on the top right corner of the screen.