The Greedy Trader Weekly Analysis
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The Dow Jones has formed the Elliott Wave Impulse Wave pattern
Almost 6% of S&P 500 component stocks have strongly oversold weekly Lane's Stochastic. It is the highest level since April 03, 2020.
Oct 02, 2022
The S&P 500 - fifth consecutive negative week
More than 40% of S&P 500 component stocks have oversold weekly Williams' Percentage Range (W%R). It is the highest level since March 20, 2020.
May 08, 2022
The NASDAQ price is near the quarterly rising rhannel support level.
The Dow Jones price is near the 200 Day Moving Average.
Dec 04, 2021
The highest number of strongly overbought stocks since January
The NASDAQ Composite index has formed the Rising Channel chart pattern, and price is near the resistance level.
Aug 29, 2020
Bear market correction can be mistaken for the start of a new upswing.
Weekly uptrend has formed a Rising Wedge chart pattern. The Rising Wedge in downtrend indicates that higher level downtrend is not over yet.
Apr 17, 2020

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Gain/Loss %
Top 3 Strategies52 wk2008
Downtrend Exhaustion Weekly Swing129.281794.44
Uptrend Support Weekly Swing32.59-54.24
Uptrend Exhaustion Weekly Swing0.7434.82
S&P 5001.14-33.99
Technical stock pick.
OscillatorsTrend Analysis
Dow Jones
S&P 500
Stock Market AlertsCount
Downtrend Exhaustion7
Downtrend Broken Resistance 74
Uptrend Support11
Uptrend Exhaustion3
Uptrend Broken Support2
Downtrend Resistance2
Stock Market Timing System.
Sector GFI
Information Technology52.31%
Communication Services51.29%
Consumer Staples50.55%
Health Care46.28%
Consumer Discretionary41.83%
Real Estate37.02%
 - Greed  - Fear
"Be greedy when othes are fearful and fearful when others are greedy."
Warren Buffett
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