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Daily MACD Divergence:Bullish
Number of records: 60
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- 3/17/2023 -
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ABT 97.010.05%29.6924.14 5 68 03/16/23	Bullish  Long White Real Body
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AES 22.39-3.74%18.1218.73 6 55 Downtrend ExhaustionAdd to Watch List
AMCR 10.70-0.37%22.0719.41 4 25 1 03/14/23	Bullish  Doji
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AME 134.99-0.54%31.5151.11 9 91 1 Add to Watch List
APTV 107.20-3.49%32.4163.71 8 120 1 03/16/23	Bullish  Long White Real Body
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BEN 26.27-4.72%17.9642.75 3 45 Downtrend Broken Resist.Add to Watch List
BKLN 20.52-1.87%27.4143.85 1 03/17/23	Bearish  Long Red Real Body
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CAH 69.62-2.21%15.6128.99 5 17 Add to Watch List
CI 269.45-2.25%19.7419.38 5 16 Add to Watch List
COP 94.39-9.43%24.1122.99 1 12 2 Uptrend Support03/16/23	Bullish  Piercing Line
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Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD indicator) was developed by Gerald Appel, and it represents the relationship between two moving averages. MACD crossover with the signal line warns about the trend weakening. MACD dramatic rise represents an overbought/oversold condition and indicates the trend exhaustion. The MACD divergence between price and indicator is the one of the most popular buy/sell MACD signals.
Moving average convergence divergence - macd signal, macd stock and macd divergence. macd indicator - macd chart and macd histogram.
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