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Technical Analysis Introduction

Stock Screeners

Stock Screeners are essential automated tools for traders. They allow traders to wade through thousands of stocks and return a list of stocks for closer analysis. Stock Screeners allow to find the stocks that best meet your trading strategy. They create dynamic lists of stocks that match the technical and fundamental criteria.

Technical stock screeners allow to identify stocks, that meet certain technical criteria, and they usually include the following technical indicators: MACD, Williams %R, RSI, volume, Parabolic System, Bollinger Band and Moving Average crossover.

Fundamental stock screeners are based on fundamental criteria: price, market capitalization, dividends, trading volume, revenue, P/E ration, price/book ratio, price/sales ratio, price/earnings growth, earnings per share growth. There are a lot of stock screeners that provide these technical and fundamental search criteria. Those values are easy to find and calculate, so the related stock screen is easy to implement. On the other hand, the trend analysis and chart patterns searches are not easy. That is the reason why very few stock screeners allow to search by the trend analysis and pattern recognition related criteria.

A lot of stock screeners allow to search momentum oscillators. The oscillator's bearish and bullish divergences are considered the most valid trading signals, but it is very difficult to find a stock screener that allows to search for stocks with bullish or bearish divergences. To find a divergence, the stock screener has to analyze the trend waves structure, and this is the functionality that is rather difficult to implement.

If you are looking for the stock screeners that allow to search for chart patterns and trend analysis related criteria, you may find very useful. This web site presents automated trend analysis tools. In addition to the common fundamental and technical search criteria, the advanced stock screener presents some unique technical criteria which, to our knowledge, are not available in any other stock screening tool.

Following is the brief list of advanced search criteria available at : weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly trend analyses that include chart patterns, trend direction, support and resistance crossover , bullish and bearish divergence for daily and weekly RSI, Williams %R, Lane's Stochastic, and MACD.

While some stock screeners allow to search for chart patterns, they are usually limited to only one time frame. Combining pattern analysis on several different time frames could provide one of the most valid trading technique. Stock Screener allows to select and combine as many indicators as you wish. For example, you can search for stocks that form a falling channel monthly trend and Ascending Triangle weekly trend. Or you can search for stocks that are near the support trend lines for weekly and monthly trends simultaneously.

The trend analysis provides one of the most accurate and reliable trading signals, especially when they are used in conjunction with other technical indicators. The stock screeners that allow to combine trend analysis search criteria with fundamental and technical indicators will help you to find the best trading opportunity.
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Warning: presents weekly analysis. Technical indicators and trend parameters are calculated for the close of business day indicated on the top right corner of the screen.