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How to Use

How to use

First of all the answer depends on your knowledge of technical analyses, trading technique and preferences. The system was originally designed as stock market timing software for experienced traders with deep knowledge of technical analyses. stock market timing system includes advanced scanner that analyses stocks technical indicators and generates alerts. Alerts are the warning signals that are easy to use even for an inexperienced trader. We can suggest several approaches for different type of traders.

  • For investor without any knowledge of technical analysis the simplest way to use is just following the Technical Stocks Pick Of The Week. Our strategy based on buying stocks presented in Stocks Pick list on Friday at market close (or on Monday at market open) and then selling them next Friday at market close. This simple strategy has low risk and higher return and outperforms an S&P 500 index as it shows on Stocks Picking Performance page. When market is oversold the downtrend exhaustion list become bigger and performance is closer to S&P 500. To avoid buying the big list and paying high commissions you can buy SPY instead to simplify the game.

  • For a long-term investor it is a good practice to watch the red - overbought and green - oversold lists. When a stock from your portfolio is in red list, be aware that risk of moving down is higher. It is especially true when a stock is overbought (GFI > 70-80%) on daily and weekly time frames. The chances of reversal even higher if overbought condition coincides with the trend resistance level. You can use similar technique buying your favorite stocks if they appear in green list.

  • For sector investor has sector/industrytechnical indicator. The high value indicates an overbought condition and the low value indicates an oversold condition for sector/industry members. Sector investor can use this indicator for sector rotation.

  • For any type of investor it is very important to watch carefully market direction. Indices and ETFs analysis pages can give you some clues for the next market move. When daily and weekly technical indicators turn red we are pretty confident that market is due to 10-15% correction at least for the next several month. On the other hand, if indicators turn green, we expect rally. Knowing the market direction you can adjust your portfolio and switch from aggressive to defensive stocks.

  • is designed mostly to benefit traders with knowledge of technical analysis. These traders can not only use alerts and overbought/oversold lists but using trend analysis, patterns and support resistance level they have chance to buy and sell stocks near the best possible level.

  • Don't rush into the trade. Watch the signals for a while to get system understanding and confidence.

Good luck.

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Warning: presents weekly analysis. Technical indicators and trend parameters are calculated for the close of business day indicated on the top right corner of the screen.